Last week, I blogged about a recent article that my friend Eddie Lowen wrote for Christian Standard Magazine regarding our group, The Stinklings.  Today, at 4:00 EST, the four of us will be speaking with Mark Taylor from Christian Standard on blogtalkradio.  You can tune in here as we provide insight into how a Christian leader maintains integrity.  This is a definitely something that you will want to hear…and share.


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For the past 10 years, one vital key to my leadership has been The Stinklings.  Three close friends (Ben Cachiaras, senior pastor with Mountain Christian Church; Tim Harlow, senior pastor with Parkview Christian Church and Eddie Lowen, lead minister with Westside Christian Church) who have joined with me on the journey of ministry.

Last week, Eddie wrote an article for Christian Standard regarding this special friendship.  He writes, “Under circumstances none of us fully recalls, four lead pastors became friends and discussed our mutual need for a band of brothers. Exactly what the group needed to ultimately become, we weren’t certain. […]

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This past weekend at Rivertree Christian Church, I had the privilege to be interviewed with Compassion International President Jimmy Mellado. During that interview, Jimmy said, “God was training me to believe in the ridiculous.” Together, we shared the vision of the Compassion/Stadia partnership. We talked about what it would look like to release the 400 million children living in poverty to a life transformed by Jesus. And, we learned what it means to lift your eyes higher.

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This past Tuesday evening, I had the privilege of interviewing my friends Omar Lopez, Larry Neville and Javier Solis at the 2015 Expo West Stadia Banquet.  Considering 22% (16 million) of all U.S. children under age 18 are Hispanic (1 in 5 children in the United States is Hispanic), this was an important conversation about how to plant Hispanic Churches that intentionally care for children.  The entire evening was a great celebration of the work these men are doing, the work of our church planters and the work of our partners.  The evening culminated with $43,016 promised toward planting new churches with Praise Chapel that will reach Hispanics in the United States.   […]

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Last night, I had the opportunity to share dinner with leaders celebrating 5 and 10 year anniversaries of their church’s launch and with future church planters.  My favorite part of the evening came when the leaders celebrating their anniversaries poured wisdom into the future church planters.  Here are some of the highlights:

Love your community, and if you don’t love your community then ask God to change your heart

Take the long-term view in this

Get with other lead pastors in your community — you can’t reach your community by yourself

Hold fast and tight to your original calling

Understand the spiritual story of your city

Everyone might have a vision for your church; however, it is the Lord’s church and He gets to call the shots

Embrace the passion that is uniquely yours

Find a need where you are in your community and meet it

When God calls you to plant a church, it is your battleground.   […]

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Over 53 million people of Hispanic descent live in the United States.

Two-thirds of all Latinos living in the U.S. were born in the United States.

Of those, 96% speak primarily English, with more than 60% speaking only English.

22% (16 million) of all U.S. children under age 18 are Hispanic.  1 in 5 children in the U.S. Are Hispanic!

Over 85% of all followers of Jesus decide to accept Him between the ages of 4 and 14.

Church planting is the most effective means of sharing the Gospel. So Stadia plants churches that intentionally care for children. We see a great need to reach this fast-growing population by planting churches that reach Latino children. […]

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Teaching people about stewardship, generosity and simply how to honor God with their finances is one of the most important things we can do as church leaders. Our Generosity Pre-conference at Expo West will be taught by some of the best practitioners in the country. This is a session that is absolutely vital for anyone in a church leadership role.

Tues, Oct. 6 | 8am – 11:45am Mariners Church | Irvine, CA Hosted by Stadia and Generis and featuring: Greg Nettle, Julie Bullock, Sean Morgan & Phil Ling

Register Here […]

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This past Sunday evening I got to spend some time with Pizza, Jesus…and my daughter’s friends.  She had invited them over for a casual evening where they could eat together and talk about Jesus.  She asked me to part of that time and I was honored.  Here are a few things that I learned:

1.  I obviously love my daughter, but I really LIKE her too.  And, I like her friends.  It was great to have time with them.

2.  High School students are really incredible.  While there is a lot of “bad news” saturating our media regarding youth, what I witnessed that evening was a room full of young adults that are carrying challenging course-work, competing at high levels in sports, navigating through friendships and romances and still care deeply about their relationship with Jesus. […]

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I love this story of how New City Church is intentionally caring for children…

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As Lead Pastor of New City Church, Nate Bush regularly asks himself two questions: 1) “Thirty years from now, how will Albuquerque, New Mexico, be different because of New City Church?” 2) “What can we do together that we can’t do on our own.”

New Mexico, known as the setting for Breaking Bad, has Nate regularly confronting the truth of statistics. New Mexico is the poorest state in the country and is touted as the “worst state to be a kid.” Contributing to that are lowest test scores in 4th grade reading and only a 60% high school graduation rate. […]

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Loved having lunch in San Francisco with my good friend Jon Tisevich–so proud of this church planter.

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To learn more about #theRevelationProject, check out their website or watch this video:

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