Top 5 reasons to plant churches with Stadia.
1.  Impact.

Stadia is committed to planting high impact churches.  Over the past 10 years we have launched more than 200 new churches in the U.S. alone.  In 2013 we are anticipating the launch of 46 new churches!  This is all accomplished with a success rate that exceeds 90%.

2.  Relationships.

Stadia is committed to maintaining healthy relationships with everyone involved in the church planting effort.  Our planter care for the church planter, spouse and family is absolutely exceptional.  We work in a collaborative fashion that partners local churches, Kingdom minded individuals and launch teams who synergistically plant new churches resulting in exponential impact for God’s Kingdom. […]

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With this week’s passing of the leadership baton from Wess Stafford (President of Compassion International) to Santiago “Jimmy” Mellado (congratulations Jim!), I have been reflecting on the myriad of life lessons I have learned from my mentor and friend–Wess.

Not included in my Top 5 list is the foundational principle that EVERY CHILD MATTERS.  Children matter because they are close to the heart of God, they are the future, and they simply cannot fend for themselves.  This truth has led my family to sponsor numerous children through Compassion, visit and care for children around the globe, become foster parents and ultimately to adopt our son.   […]

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In my last post I listed one of my indicators of success in life is to pass my faith on to my children.  Specifically, I wrote, “I want to see our children, Tabitha and Elijah, launched into the world fully equipped as Kingdom livers who are deeply in love with Jesus.”

I certainly know that ultimately the choice for who Tabitha and Elijah place their faith in relies completely with them.  However, I also believe that we as parents are charged with helping them determine who to place their faith in, processing life experiences that will help them understand their faith, and living in such a manner that allows them to imitate our faith. […]

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I recently spent a great deal of time praying and reflecting on what “success at 70″ would look like for my life.  In other words, I want to look into the future and work backwards to make sure I’m heading in the right direction.  And, for each of my success indicators, I put an action plan in place to make sure I’m not just shooting in the dark.

Top 5 Indicators For “Success At 70″

1.  Be an intimate friend of God.

2.  Be best friends with my wife, Julie.

3.  Have our children, Tabitha and Elijah, launched into the world fully equipped as Kingdom livers who are deeply in love with Jesus. […]

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1.  Calico Joe by John Grisham.









2.  Fall Of Giants by Ken Follett.









3.  The Shoemaker’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani.









4.  The Education Of Little Tree by Forrest Carter.










5.  The Wind Through The Keyhole by Stephen King. […]

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This past weekend I shared a family ritual that takes place nearly every night in our household . . .

My 14 year old daughter, Tabitha, kisses me good night and says, “I love you dad.”

I respond by saying, “I love you more.”

“I love you more than my heart can hold,” she replies.

“That’s an awful lot . . . but I love you more,” I conclude.

I recounted this story to illustrate God’s love for us as his children.  I’m just a dad fumbling about, doing his best to love his children.  Imagine God, 100 times better, 1000 times wiser, a million times more loving . […]

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Top 5 Leadership Reads of 2012



1.  Movements That Change The World by Steve Addisson.









2.  Barefoot Church by Brandon Hatmaker.











3.  The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson.











4.  7 by Jen Hatmaker.










5.  The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni. […]

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Actually his name is Edino–but for us gringos, Eddie is an acceptable pronunciation.  He is five years old and lives on the island of Pampanal.  When I first heard about Pampanal, God wrecked my heart.  Several thousand people, descended from slaves, now living in slavery to abject poverty.  Houses built on stilts because their island floods several times every month.  AND, no church!  No hope that Jesus brings.  Until Stadia and Compassion enter the story.

I knew that I was supposed to allow God to make a difference through me . . . to plant a church and care for the children of Pampanal Island.   […]

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I love what God is doing right now through church leaders in Los Angeles!

This month, the LA CPM started its first of many churches. Praise Chapel Los Angeles, led by planters Ruben & Meghann Nuño, is located in Westlake, the most densely populated neighborhood west of Mississippi. The neighborhood’s 130,000 people are mostly newly arrived Latino immigrants. There are many Spanish speaking churches in the area, but none are English speaking other than a few ethnic churches that have added on English services for their kids.

Praise Chapel is the first of the Los Angeles Church Planting Movement’s (LA CPM) church plants. […]

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This week Stadia’s Leadership Team joined other Provision Ministry Group leaders to strategize how God can change the world through us.

Provision provides direction, leadership and support to a related group of non-profit ministries that serve Christian churches and ministries around the world. It’s really an honor for Stadia to be part of the Provision Ministry Group family. The collective wisdom, experience and vision of these world-changers makes Stadia – and thus our church planting mission – stronger and more effective.

Let me tell you about these ministries:

Visioneering Studios
is often called the most revolutionary ministry in the Provision Family. […]

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