Last week, I joined the national conversation and wrote about my perspective as the white father of a black son. This week, I have invited my wife, Julie, to share her perspective. While I think she is the best wife and mother, I also believe that she has a unique viewpoint and I find her writing to be important, heartfelt and honest. Today happens to be her birthday, Happy Birthday Julie!  I’m so thankful for her wisdom, for the way God has knit her together and for the love that she brings to me and to our children.


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I was sitting on a bench in South Carolina. […]

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As the white father of a black son my heart breaks for every black man, woman or child that has been or is being mistreated. I am sick over the prejudice shown by members of our judicial system. I can only imagine the fire that burns for vengeance. But retaliative violence will never make right of wrong.

The answer will not be found in shooting but in sharing a common vision for every child–for every child to have a church. A church that is fully integrated socially, racially and economically. A church that offers the hope that only Jesus can bring. […]

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Last week, I spent some time at the headquarters of Compassion International in Colorado Springs.  During my visit, Jimmy and I sat down to talk about our book, Small Matters.  You can check out our conversation in this video link.

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Click here to order the book and receive exclusive teaching/sermon series outlines to accompany the book. […]

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*Playing with purpose matters.

Lebron James made a promise: “I will bring home a championship to Cleveland.” And throughout the playoffs as announcers commented on Lebron’s “superhuman” effort, Lebron simply referred to his success as “playing with purpose.”

Church planters, our purpose is far more important than a basketball championship. YOU are making an eternal difference.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 10.04.10 AM I will never forget the image of Lebron carrying the NBA championship and the MVP trophies down the hall and into the locker room–trophies that will one day perish. Church planters, YOU are playing for a crown that will last forever! (1 Corinthians 9:25)

*It takes a team. […]

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Please take a minute to watch this important video that provides an update on Stadia and Compassion’s efforts to provide relief to those affected by the recent earthquake in Ecuador.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 8.18.21 AM […]

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Over the last year I’ve led a Cohort of leaders we call the Discipleship Journey. It’s made up of 6 amazing church planters from across the U.S.  We will meet 4 times this year in different parts of the country discussing key topics that are important to church leadership.  This past week, we were in Colorado Springs discussing the truth that children matter.  We spent our time encouraging one another and prayerfully considering how we can best be there for children at risk – at risk because of poverty AND at risk because of prosperity.  I wanted to share some highlights of my time with this great group of men! […]

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I was sitting outside Starbucks enjoying a cup of coffee with my friend Corey when we were disrupted by two baristas running out the front door. The baristas hopped the stone wall and moved behind an SUV that was apparently stalled at their drive-thru window. After they pushed the very embarrassed driver’s vehicle into a nearby parking spot they stopped to explain what had happened.

The lady driving was out of gas! She pulled up to the window, put her SUV in park and her vehicle had abruptly conked out.

The amazing thing was that there was a gas station directly across the street from this particular Starbucks. […]

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The dedication to my book, Small Matters, reads: To Sunshine (Tabitha) and Moonshadow (Elijah)—the small matters who matter most in my life.

I don’t want to get to heaven some day and have God say to me, “Well done, Greg. You helped plant thousands of churches that intentionally care for children. You helped sponsor and care for hundreds of thousands of children in Jesus’ name. But Greg . . . where are Tabitha and Elijah?”

And so, Tabitha and Elijah, the two children that God has placed into my care, in my own family, are the most important children in my life. […]

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I wanted to share what’s being said about Small Matters:

“Greg and Jimmy are investing their lives in transforming a generation. Small Matters shows us how we can all make a world-changing difference in the lives of children—Vince Antonucci, pastor, Verve Church; author, God for the Rest of Us

“Jimmy and Greg weave together Scripture, research, and their experience to give you and me a remarkable tool that will change not just us but the kids we care about.”—Kara Powell, executive director, Fuller Youth Institute

“Greg and Jimmy have impacted hundreds of thousands of kids and families, and now they share powerful insights on how we can make a difference in our own corner of the world.”—Jud Wilhite, senior pastor, Central Church; author, Pursued

“Prepare to have your heart wrecked, your hope renewed, and your vision enlarged. […]

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I was honored to share the stage with Jimmy Mellado, President of Compassion International, during the Stadia party last Tuesday at Exponential. We raised almost enough to plant four new churches in Ecuador, and it was announced our Stadia partners donated over $190,000 so far to help with the Ecuador earthquake relief effort. If you’d like to join in this campaign, go here to donate.

Jimmy and I also had the chance to talk about Small Matters, our just-released book about the importance of children and the Stadia Compassion partnership.

In the forward of the book, John Ortberg, author and pastor writes:

“Today, suffering falls most heavily on little children. […]

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